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Starting a new restaurant construction project or renovating an existing one can be a daunting prospect. This is simply because there are so many things you should consider, from your budget to your customers, the location, hiring the right staff, and more. At times, it could become overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll give you some actionable tips you can use to make your restaurant construction project a success.

Start With Proper Planning

As with most business projects, a successful restaurant project starts with proper planning. It gives you the roadmap you’ll follow from the beginning stages of the project to its completion. During the planning process, there are several aspects you should consider:

  • Location. The success of your restaurant project starts with the right location. Simply put, for your restaurant to be successful, you’ll need customers, and the right location will attract them. You also need to consider how accessible your restaurant is, how you’ll generate exposure in your area, and who your competitors are.
  • Target customers. To effectively cater to your customers, you need to know who they are. As such, you’ll need to understand their needs and requirements, budgets, lifestyle, age, and more.
  • Building type. Before you start planning any restaurant construction, you should decide if you would like a new construction or if you’ll be renovating an existing space. This decision will not only shape your budget, but also the remaining steps in the process.
  • Specifications. Apart from the type of project, you should also be clear on your specifications before any construction is started. And remember, the more specific you are, the less doubt, and the greater the chances of success.
  • Budget. Like most other projects, you need to have a definite budget for your restaurant construction project. More important is that you keep to it during every stage of the construction process.

Consider Your Co-Tenants

In exceptional circumstances, you’ll run your restaurant in a standalone building. In most cases, though, you’ll have co-tenants. This is especially true if you plan to operate your restaurant in a densely populated area. As such, it’s vital that you coordinate with your neighbours to ensure that your construction work doesn’t impede on their business operations.

When you do, you’ll build goodwill with your co-tenants, which could turn out to be lucrative feeders for your restaurant.

Get the Right Staff On Board

Although you’ll likely be the main decision maker throughout the construction process, it’s vital that you recruit key staff early in the process. As such, you should hire people like your chef and manager from the start.

They’ll likely have extensive hospitality experience, and can provide valuable input into the construction process, which could impact some of the design elements you incorporate and decisions you make.

Use the Right Construction Company

One of the most important components of making your restaurant project a success is using the right construction company. But with so many restaurant construction companies out there, who is the right choice? Simply put, the construction company you use for your project should have extensive restaurant construction experience.

These construction contractors have completed several successful projects before. And, as a result, the company can guide you through every step of the process, get the project completed on time and on budget, and ensure the completed project mirrors what you wanted to achieve.

This is where Konrad Construction comes in. We’re building contractors who specialize in handling every part of your construction project from conception to completion, we are dedicated to delivering value-added and cost-effective construction services to our customers, and we focus on building lasting relationships with our customers.

To learn more about our range of services and how we can help you make your restaurant project a success, get in touch with us.