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In a previous post, we dealt with what building permits are and why they’re important, and we gave you a broad overview of the process of getting a building permit for your project. So, after reading that post, you should know why you need a building permit.

This time, we’ll delve a little deeper into the subject and outline some other things you need to know about building permits.

You Can Talk to the Permit Office

Let’s face it, building permits can be complicated. Luckily, you’re able to talk to your local permit office for advice or for answers to any questions you might have. Remember, permit offices exist to make sure that all building construction is done as safely as possible, and inspectors will be more than willing to answer any questions you might have.
Stock Building Plans Also Need Approval

In our earlier post, we dealt with the situations in which a building permit is required. Now, you might think that plans created by an architect or stock plans for building additions are automatically sufficient to get a permit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your local building permit office will still need to review and approve these plans before granting a building permit.

Permit Costs can Vary

When it comes to building permits, it’s important to remember there’s no single fixed fee to get a building permit. As such, the fees relating to a building permit can vary based on the costs, the construction services necessary, and the complexity of your project. The average building permit cost was about $1300 in 2021 and fees can range anywhere between about $430 and $2,200. So, you should factor this into your budget when planning your project.

You Can Get an Owner/Builder Permit

As owner/builder, you act as a construction company instead of hiring one. And you can get a building permit for this purpose. However, in almost all cases, it’s better to hire construction contractors to do the work for you. This is simply because building contractors are the experts in construction services. In addition, if you do any work on properties that don’t belong to you, you’ll need to hire a licensed contractor for a building permit to be granted.

Inspections are Mandatory

Inspections are a crucial part of the overall building permit process. As such, they’re mandatory, and your contractor should not ignore inspections. This is simply because building inspectors want to make sure that work is carried out safely and in accordance with local building codes and regulations. If they find any defects, these need to be fixed and inspected again.

Ignore the Permit Process at Your Own Peril

Because of the costs and time involved in obtaining a building permit, you or the construction contractors you use might be tempted to forgo the process. However, this will be a mistake, and it could lead to a lot of headaches later on. For example, if you do work without a building permit, you could be forced to apply for a permit after the work has been done but at an increased cost. Even worse, you might be required to demolish any work you’ve done and start over.

We’re Here to Help

Hopefully, this post showed you some important aspects you need to be aware of when you need a building permit. To learn more about building permits, the process of applying for one, or to get a quote for commercial construction services, get in touch with Konrad Construction.